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About Kenneth

Raised in a Family of Modest Means

Kenneth's father was honorably discharged from the National Guard in 1969. The Sheets family settled in Mansfield, TX and together with his two sisters and two brothers, Kenneth grew up learning the value of hard work and the importance of defending our nation and our freedoms. Given his family's history of military service – both of his grandfathers served in World War II and father in the National Guard – it seems Kenneth was destined to honor this calling as well.

Continuing a Tradition of Protecting America

After his graduation from Mansfield High School, Kenneth enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and in January 1996 he began his training as a Marine. For nearly twenty years, he has served our country in both the Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserves – achieving the rank of Major. Kenneth is the first in his family to earn a commission.

Operation Iraqi Freedom

As part of the surge of troops ordered by President George W. Bush, Kenneth was deployed to Iraq and operated out of Fallujah with 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, II Marine Expeditionary Force (FWD) from September 2007 until May 2008.

His decorations for service include: Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal with 2 gold stars in lieu of second and third award; Selected Marine Corps Reserve Medal with 1 bronze star in lieu of second award; and the Iraq Campaign Medal.

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On the Issues

  • Contracts


  • Marketing


  • Intellectual Property

    Border Security

  • Internet Law, Web Policies, & Privacy


  • Regulatory Compliance


  • Employment


Strengthening Texas's Economy and Helping Job Growth

Small businesses are, and always have been, the engine of economic growth for our nation. We must ensure that all levels of government are encouraging and creating the right fiscal environment for small businesses to develop and expand. I will work to lessen the tax, regulatory, and legal burdens placed on our small businesses so they can focus on what they do best – improving operations, expanding sales, and driving our workforce.

Balancing Budgets by Cutting Spending

Every day around the state of Texas, families make difficult choices about what they can afford and what they cannot. Growing up in a large family taught me first hand that you have to work hard, take on personal responsibility, and make your own way.

As a State Representative, I will use that common-sense principal when considering state spending. If a program has become obsolete, duplicative, or isn't a critical priority, then it should be cut. It will be a top priority of mine to ensure our families and small businesses are keeping more of what they earn so they can make decisions about their lives and futures, instead of handing more of their money over to fund government programs.

Securing Our Border and Targeting Criminal Illegal Aliens

True national security means controlling our borders and protecting the interior of our country. I will strongly support programs to help local and federal law enforcement work together to target, apprehend, and deport criminal illegal aliens like drug traffickers and human smugglers, and work to shut down their money laundering operations.

Expanding Energy Development in Texas

America can be a global leader in energy development and Texans can help show the rest of our country the way. We should allow for the expansion of new nuclear and natural gas power to help improve base load capacity for our state. This will help reduce rates for families, create new jobs, and cut emissions to help our environment.

Improving Education and Accountability

Too much testing, high dropout rates, and struggling to hire and retain good teachers in Texas is unacceptable. I will continue to fight for stronger accountability of administrators and teachers but I will also work to ensure more dollars are getting to our classrooms so our teachers have all the resources needed to produce top level students.

I want innovative school districts like Mesquite and Garland to have the local control and flexibility to chart their own paths to success and continue producing new and innovative solutions to the unique challenges they face in their communities. For too long, education policy in Austin has been from the top down. I will continue to fight that attitude.

Supporting Pro-Life Policies

I believe life begins at conception and government policies should protect that innocent life.

Supporting the Constitution

I believe in the Constitution as our guiding document and I swore an oath to defend it. This means standing up for our freedom of speech, our religious freedom, our freedom to defend ourselves, and the freedom of our state to chart it's own path.


Governor Greg Abbott

Congressman Pete Sessions

Congressman Jeb Hensarling

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Proposed Bill Would Regulate Texas Roofing Industry

Proposed Bill Would Regulate Texas Roofing Industry

January 21, 2016

Texas has one of the highest rates of roofing fraud in the country, according the state insurance commissioner, and ultimately the victim is you, the consumer.

E. Texas kid sees issue, changes hunting licensing law

E. Texas kid sees issue, changes hunting licensing law

September 17, 2015

As parents, we teach our kids that if they think something is not right, they should do something about it. One East Texas kid felt that way after applying for a hunting license, and his actions changed state law.

Texas Defends A Woman’s Right To Take Her Placenta Home

Texas Defends A Woman’s Right To Take Her Placenta Home

June 28, 2015

After giving birth, some women save the placenta in order to consume it in the following weeks. In fact, Texas just passed a law giving women the right to take the placenta home from the hospital, the third state to do so.

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