Thank you for visiting my Website to learn more about me, my family, and my effort to deliver conservative solutions for our State.

For the past fifteen years, I have served in defense of our nation in the Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve.  As a third generation member of the Armed Forces, I have proudly worked to ensure the freedom and prosperity of our nation is preserved for future generations.

However, like many of the folks I speak with every day, I have become increasingly concerned about the direction of our country.  Without conservative, fiscally-responsible leadership, I believe Texas risks the same problems that are plaguing California, New York, and other states that irresponsibly mortgaged their futures.

I hope you will join our campaign to ensure our State is governed by common-sense, conservative values. Working together, we can create more opportunities, more economic growth, and a stronger Texas for future generations!

With Great Respect,

Kenneth F. Sheets